Journeys In Jazz


June 26, 2022 Fliss Gorst
Journeys In Jazz
Show Notes

A merry mix of Fliss’s guests this series talking about anything and everything  & concluding the second series of ‘Journeys In Jazz’.
Georgina Jackson talks of the importance of positive mentors in formative years and the pros and cons of being a female trumpet player.   Pete Billington discusses the wider appeal of pop versus the narrower appeal of jazz, ego & bravado at music college and whether a person's personality is evident in their playing.  Jazz pianist Naadia Sheriff chats about life as a band member and a band leader whilst  Bristol based band leader Joe Longridge tells me what he loves most about leading a 17 piece band. Director of 'Jazz Jurassica Festival' Julie Sheppard talks of the importance of free music events and the need for rural areas to access live jazz and Devon born jazz pianist Matt Carter tells about enjoying his job as a jazz musician.  Seonaid Aitken talks about the challenge of multi tasking and the satisfaction of hearing your own arrangements performed and Jimmy Hastings discusses the importance of musical community, and how it's ok to make mistakes- both in music and life :-)

One swear word at 5 minutes 34 seconds.

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